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Heather Foran






Raum: I.2.28
Telefon: +43 463 2700 1641
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Head, Health Psychology Department
Associate Editor, Journal of Family Psychology
Coordinator, Public Health Research Cluster
Head, Institutional Review Board for Research Ethics (Ethikrat)
Vice-chair, Institute for Psychology
Member, HSSCM doctoral program

Education and Training

Habilitation in Psychology, 2013
Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
(Mentor: Prof. Dr. Kurt Hahlweg)

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, 2009
Stony Brook University, New York, USA
(Mentor: Distinguished Prof. Dr. Daniel K. O Leary)

Licensed Psychologist, U.S., New York, since 2010
Approbierte Psychologische Psychotherapeutin (VT) Germany, since 2015

Selected Projects

EU-Horizon 2020, Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases funded project, RISE, “Prevention of child mental health problems in Southeastern Europe – Adapt, Optimize, Test, and Extend Parenting for Lifelong Health”. 2018-2021
Klagenfurt Team members: Univ.-Prof. Heather Foran (Principal Investigator), Dr. Elena Jansen, Lucia Kuhn

Family Validation Study. Validation of the criteria and interview for parent-child relational problems.
Klagenfurt Team members: Iris Fraude (Master’s thesis), Janina Mueller, Univ.-Prof. Heather Foran (Principal Investigator) 2018-2019
Collaboration with Prim. Dr. Wolfgang Wladika, Klinikum Klagenfurt, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Neurology.

A Psychoeducation Family Intervention via Social Technology to Improve Social Support, Health and Well-Being among Elderly. Funded project. 2018-2019.
Klagenfurt Team: Janina Müller (Doctoral student), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heather Foran (Supervisor)

Online Health-Related Information Seeking for Self and Family Members.
Klagenfurt Team: Christian Kubb (Doctoral student), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heather Foran (Supervisor)

Automated Facial Affect Coding to Understand Couple Processes.
Klagenfurt Team: Iris Fraude, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heather Foran, in Collaboration with Ulm University

Relationship Functioning, Depression and Anxiety in American and German couples. DFG-funded project 2011-2015). This project examines the 10 year course of family functioning and psychopathology among German families who participated in a previously DFG-funded RCT of Triple P Parenting program. We also have been examining the associations between family functioning, psychopathology, and physical health outcomes over the ten year period.
Klagenfurt Team: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heather Foran, in Collaboration with TU Braunschweig, Germany.

Propp, O., Schulz, W., & Foran, H. M. (2016). Sexuelles Risikoverhalten im Jugendalter – Familiäre und individuelle Faktoren. [Risky sexual behavior in adolescence: Family-related and individual factors]. Kindheit & Entwicklung.

Hannighofer, J., Foran, H. M., Hahlweg, K., Propp, P. & Zimmermann, T. (2017). Impact of family type on the mental well-being of mothers and children. A 10-year longitudinal study. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 8, 266.

Kliem, S., Foran, H. M., & Hahlweg, K. (2015). Lässt sich körperliche Bestrafung durch ein Elterntraining reduzieren? Ergebnisse einer 3-Jahres Längsschnittuntersuchung [Can corporal punishment be reduced by parent training? Results of a 3-year longitudinal study]. Kindheit und Entwicklung, 24, 37- 46.

Relational Processes and the ICD-11. In collaboration with the Relational processes working group.
See recent publications:

Foran, H. M., Heyman, R. E., Slep, A. M. S., Beach, S. R. H., Kaslow, N. J., Cordaro, A. R., Wamboldt, M. Z., & Reiss, D. (2016). Moving toward universal definitions and assessment of relational problems. In E. Lawrence & K. Sullivan (Eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Couple Dysfunction. New York: Oxford University Press.

Beach, S. R. H., Foran, H. M., Heyman, R. E., Slep, A. M. S., Cordaro, A. R., Wamboldt, M. Z., Reiss, D., & Kaslow, N. J. (2016). Relational processes: Historical background, current considerations, and future directions for the DSM-5 and ICD-11. In E. Lawrence & K. Sullivan (Eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Couple Dysfunction. New York: Oxford University Press.

Foran, H. M., Whisman, M. A., & Beach, S. R. H. (2015). Intimate partner relationship distress in the DSM-5. Family Process (Special Issue), 54, 48-63.

Heyman, R. E., Slep, A. M. S., & Foran, H. M. (2015). Enhanced definitions of intimate partner violence for DSM-5 and ICD-11 may promote improved screening and treatment. Family Process (Special Issue), 54, 17-32.

Slep, A. M. S., Heyman, R. E., & Foran, H. M. (2015). Child maltreatment: Definitions of relational processes in DSM-V and ICD-11. Family Process (Special Issue), 54, 17-32.

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